Data Democratization

Transforming employees to Citizen Data Scientists

Data monitoring and analysis

Data Democratization is about facilitating organizational data’s access to as many employees as possible, given reasonable limitations on legal confidentiality and security.

The idea is to embrace data driven decision making into the organization’s culture, and to make data available not only to analysts and executives, but also to non-technical or non-specialist employees to observe, analyze, use data-driven in decision making, or make other use of it. 

Data Democratization is transforming employees into citizen data scientists by providing them unconstrained data access and the appropriate training. The concept of citizen data scientists has been referred to by Gartner as one of the biggest disruptors in the ways data analysis is considered. A citizen data scientist is generally a domain expert not a professional analyst who also happens to be proficient user and manipulator of data, thereby complementing the traditional data scientist’s function.

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By Yasmine Amr Soliman – Researcher at Egyptian Banking Institute

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