Human Resources Strategies: Balancing Stability and Agility in Times of Digitization / Armin Trots. – Springer ;2020

About the book:

The digitalization of businesses calls for new forms of leadership and collaboration; as traditional human resources strategies are reaching their limits. Personal responsibility, networking and diversity are increasingly recognized as key prerequisites for agility, adaptability and innovativeness.

This book encourages HR managers who want to be pioneers of, or support, digital transformation to rethink their HR strategies. It begins with a clear illustration of the difference between stability and agility in leadership and organization. Building on this, it then guides the reader through a broad range of relevant HR topics and how they compare to the new strategic orientation. All major aspects of HR management are addressed, including recruitment, learning, talent management, remuneration, performance management, corporate training, executive development and change management.

Providing a comprehensive, practical, differentiated and non-dogmatic alternative to traditional approaches, the book is a must-read for all those who are concerned with sustainable HR management in the era of digitalization.

About the author:

Professor Armin Trost has for many years been regarded as one of the best-known and prominent thought leaders in human resources management. He has been teaching and researching at the Business School of Furtwangen University (Germany) since 2005. For many years, he has successfully advised companies of all sizes and industries on strategic human resource management issues.

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