From VUCA to BANI: How to expect the unexpected

The creator of the BANI concept is Jamais Cascio, an American anthropologist, futurist, and author. Triggered by the various crises our world is facing—climate, pandemic, inequality and global instability, to name a few—he concluded that existing concepts such as VUCA are not appropriate for a rapidly evolving world. A new concept was needed, and this was BANI.

In the BANI model, what was volatile in the VUCA model turned into Brittle, for it is fragile and unreliable; Uncertainty turned into Anxiety; Complexity turned into Non-linearity and Ambiguity turned into Incomprehensible.

Download the following report to know more about the BANI model, its importance, how to use, and worldwide practices.

By Menna Mahmoud – Researcher at Egyptian Banking Institute

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