Modes of learning Post the Pandemic

Why the study was conducted?

   The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyday activities at many educational and training centers. Taking its role in researching and analyzing the impact of the international crises and events on the banking sector, the research department, at the Egyptian Banking Institute, conducted a study to understand the implications of the changes and innovations introduced by the training centers around the world, since 2020, on the modes of learning in the future.

Why to read?

  • The study gives a glimpse about the global practices of delivering the training materials throughout the three stages of:

  • 17 institutions were studied, diversified between international African’s a and Middle East’s ones.
  • In addition to the desk research conducted for the17 institutions, the study also explores the different opinions regarding the preferred future training modalities in Egypt, through a survey applied to heads of training and trainees at the Egyptian Banking Institute’s partner banks.

For more details about the studies’ results and concluding remarks, please visit the hereunder link to the study on EBI’s website:

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