Just Financing

Just Financing is a process-oriented concept nestled within climate justice that aims to account for the broader economic, social, and environmental opportunities and costs of limiting global warming and to steer transition pathways to sustainable economic growth and development, while anticipating and avoiding negative distributional, equity and climate impacts, particularly for poor and historically marginalized communities.

The importance of the concept is shown in the guidebook, which translates commitments into implementable projects and captures opportunities to leverage and catalyze finances to support the climate agenda, especially in Africa, with the key objective of maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of existing climate finance architecture through proposing an actionable roadmap for all the stakeholders to achieve just financing outcomes.

The guide offers a practical roadmap to unlock innovative financing mechanisms through multi-stakeholder participation, information sharing, and strengthening technical capabilities to create a pipeline of bankable climate-friendly projects. In the short-term, it aims to increase efficiency and equity in global climate finance structures. Long-term, it seeks to catalyze a rethink of these structures.

Download the following report to know more about Just Financing:

By Menna Mahmoud – Researcher at Egyptian Banking Institute

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