Green Finance Week Online Sessions

In the shadow of the upcoming COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), The Financial Services Institute (FSI), and GIZ Egypt, on behalf of the German Development Cooperation, launched the Green Finance Week- a one-week online training in collaboration with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

The one-Week seminar course was delivered during the period of 18th – 21st July 2022. The Green Finance Week is fully sponsored by GIZ Egypt and free of charge for the participants. The green finnace week covered a variety of topics related to green and sustainable finance.

Target audience for this series were professionals working in the Egyptian financial sector who are interested in or working in the area of green finance and sustainable development.  

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في إطار قمة المناخ COP27:

المعهد المصرفي المصري EBI يستعرض أنشطته وبرامجه في مجال الاستدامة تزامنًا مع قمة المناخ المنعقدة …