EBI Finance team activities during July- September 2022

EBI Finance team have managed to close Fiscal year ending 30th of June 2022, achieving 120% of Revenue budget amounting to LE 342 Million, and with a Gross profit margin of 63% and a Net profit margin of 26% and LE 88 Millions of net revenue.

In collaboration with KPMG,  EBI Finance team  have succeeded in implementing both standards 47 “Financial instruments” and 48 “Revenue from contracts” in accordance with Egyptian Accounting standards.

As a result, Fiscal year 2022-2023 will reflect EBI continuous appetite for growth boosting 30% increased over last year’s training revenue.

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في إطار قمة المناخ COP27:

المعهد المصرفي المصري EBI يستعرض أنشطته وبرامجه في مجال الاستدامة تزامنًا مع قمة المناخ المنعقدة …