“COSO Internal Controls Framework: Takeaway for Egyptian Banks” Seminar

In light of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) circular “226” dated 4th of August 2022, most of Egyptian Banks are currently looking forward to issue the management report of Internal Control Framework based on COSO Model.

In this context, the Egyptian Banking Institute organized a specialized seminar titled: “COSO Internal Controls

Framework: Takeaway for Egyptian Banks” on Monday 17th of October 2022, at EBI Headquarter Nasr City.

 The seminar was presented by Mr. Haytham Torkey, Managing partner, Nexia International.

The seminar was attended by more than 130 representatives from different Egyptian banks including Chief Risk Officers, Chief Audit Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Finance Directors, Senior and Intermediate Management in different departments including: Accounting (Finance Control) Department, Risk Department, Treasury Department, Internal Audit Department and Internal Control Department.

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